Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Reviews of 23Traders Services

Figuring out which online trading service provider is the one that best suits your needs could be a confusing experience. The digital mark... thumbnail 1 summary
Figuring out which online trading service provider is the one that best suits your needs could be a confusing experience. The digital market offers dozens of online trading providers, each of them promises great and huge things to their traders. I’ve been experimenting with a couple of these providers by investing minimal sums of money and interacting with each provider’s features and services. This article will review 23Traders, a three years old online trading provider.

Licensing and Regulation

Licensed and regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), 23Traders is owned by Decimol ltd, which is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Educational Tools

Virtually every online trading provider boasts about the educational materials it offers its clients. 23Traders makes the same promises and fulfills them. Tutorial videos about the basics of online trading are available for free. Short, insightful and effective, the tutorial videos teach all you need to know before you make your first trade. I recommend going through the glossary, where 23Traders reviews the essential terminology for people who are totally new to this world. The second layer of educational tools lies in the webinars that occur two times a week. The webinars cover many subject matters that are crucial for successful online trading: how to master 23Traders platform, how to choose between taking long, short or medium term positions and how to trade on CFDs and FOREX. I’ve taken a couple of webinars, the tutor had a way of taking complex financial terms and making them understandable. I definitely felt more confident in my trades after participating the webinars. Last but not least is 23Traders reviews of financial and political events that impact financial markets, which is a helpful tool for your decision-making process.

Assets and Financial Instruments

A diverse and varied tradable assets list is a must for any online trading provider.  23Traders offers a comprehensive list of stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs. The stocks of leading corporations such as Google (Alphabet Inc), Amazon, Apple, Deutsche Bank and many others are available for trade. If you feel more comfortable trading on commodities, you will find opportunities to trade on sugar, gold, crude oil and many others. As far as indices go, the major ones such as S&P 500 and the Dow Jones allow trading on macro level financial developments. Though it’s not my favorite of tradable asset, currency pairs provide a chance to exercise your knowledge in international affairs and global economy.

Choosing an asset to trade on is only half of the story. To make some money you’d have to take a position on that asset. I started with a mild trade by taking call or put positions until I gathered some more confidence, then a new world of financial instruments opened to me: Long, short or medium positions and then moving on to One Touch and Ladder.

Customer Service

After the completion of the registration process, I was assigned with an account manager who skillfully guided me through my trades and was very helpful. 23Traders customer service is available on the phone, I had a problem that was fixed in just one phone call. It seemed like they really cared for my problem.

If you are interested in a reliable online trading provider, I suggest giving 23Traders a go. Their unassuming attitude and helpful team provider a calming trading experience that is also lucrative.


A 23Traders reviews of their online trading services that include assets such as stocks, indices, currency pairs and commodities. 23Traders reviews on a daily basis the latest financial and political developments in major markets around the globe, providing crucial information to their clients. 23Traders provides additional educational tools such as webinars and tutorial videos. The customer service is helpful and available for phone calls if traders have issues that cannot be resolved with the designated account manager that guides and help traders through their trading sessions. 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Basic Information About 23Traders

23Traders is a relatively new online trading broker that commenced activity in 2013 and licensed by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission... thumbnail 1 summary
23Traders is a relatively new online trading broker that commenced activity in 2013 and licensed by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). It is owned by the Bulgarian company Decimol ltd and located in Sofia. Their email address is support@23traders.com and you can reach them on the phone through a Bulgarian line: +359-24950568 or their UK line: +44-203-8688601.
Capital Markets Review
A cutting edge and state of the art trading platform is available for traders and investors with 23traders.com. The trading platform comes with dozens of tradable assets such as commodities, stocks, indices and currency pairs. Confident traders will probably enjoy taking short term positions through financial instruments that expire within 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 300 seconds. This fast-paced trading method is suitable for traders who are quick on their feet and feel comfortable with the prospects of big gains in short intervals. This kind of traders will also enjoy other trading methods such as One Touch and Ladder.
First time traders and novices might feel more comfortable with the traditional call/put positions and with trading currency pairs, a fantastic opportunity to make an effective use of market movements. 23traders offers a variety of currency pairs that pairs and mixes between strong currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP and AUD in addition to more obscure currencies like the South African Rand and the Turkish Lira.
 Mobile Compatibility
A must for any trader who’s interested in an immediate access to his trading activity, 23Traders mobile app is available for iOS and android smartphone. All the trades are consolidated under one platform, allowing the traders to trader from anywhere and frees them from their desktop computer. The mobile app includes push and pull alerts for significant trading opportunities and for keeping track of the trading account.
Cyber & Security
Over the last couple of years hacking and cyber security have made it to the top of the list of traders’ concerns. Traders are concerned about keeping their money safe and keeping their trading activities confidential. 23Traders reviews its systems around the clock to prevent any chance of hacking or disturbance to its services. Traders can check for themselves that they are safe by verifying that the lock icon at the address bar is locked during trading activity. In addition, 23Traders takes care of cyber security with a 128-bit SSL encryption, a highly effective one. 23Traders servers are shielded via a firewall, preventing access to the system of unwanted interference.
Deposits & Trading
Unlike other online trading providers, 23Traders is all about democratizing and expanding online trading to clients who are willing to make learned investments. The initial deposit could be as low as 250$ for credit card holders or 500$ for those who wish to pay via bank account. The most frequent question I get is ‘how much money should I invest’. The answer depends on each trader’s income level and the goals he sets for himself. Whatever you do, make yourself acquainted with the field with the help of 23Traders reviews of global markets, webinars and tutorial videos. In addition, once you register to 23Traders you’d be assigned to an account manager who’d be more than happy to help you navigate your way through this exciting online trading provider.


23Traders is an online trading provider, powered by SpotOption trading platform. It offers a cutting edge and streamlined service for traders who wish to trade on as little as 250$. 23Traders reviews its system regularly for hacks, bugs or any other interference to its services and to its clients’ cyber security. 23Traders smartphone app is available free of charge to its clients whether they are using an iPhone or an android operated smartphone, making the trading platform accessible from anywhere at any time. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

23Traders Reviews for First Time Traders

The virtually saturated market of online trading providers is full of seemingly same opportunities. A deeper look suggests that online tra... thumbnail 1 summary
The virtually saturated market of online trading providers is full of seemingly same opportunities. A deeper look suggests that online trading providers differ from one another on a variety of issues. This 23traders reviews will survey the services and features provided to the clients.

23Traders joined the realm online trading in 2013. According to their press release, the website is the brainchild of 23 professional traders who designed their dream online trading services. This kind of attitude is well evident in their website, trading platform and customer service. It is not surprising then that over the last couple of years, 23Traders garnered a reputation of a reliable and professional online trading provider and today it is one of the most respectful endeavors in the field.

23Traders on the Go

In this day and age any decent online trading service providers offer their clients a mobile app version free of charge. 23Traders offers its app for bothiOS and android users, to allow a hands on approach to their clients. The streamlined mobile app is highly intuitive and does not shorten the phone's battery life span. Tracking and consolidating trades is easy and an efficient way to spend your morning train ride to work. Opportunities, otherwise missed, are available at the palm of your hand. I highly recommend regularly update the app to the newest version, as 23Traders reviews its app and updates it once in a while.

Deposits and Accounts

At 23Traders you can gain access to online trading by investing a reasonable sum of 250$ if you use your credit card and 500$ if you prefer wiring through a bank account. 23 Traders reviews clients' identity before they let anyone invest a penny, the completion of the identification process might be a bit frustrating, but it is there for a good reason: nobody wants to see his gains going to the wrong hands. The accounts and the additional perks vary in accordance with the amount of money you are willing to invest. I won't tire you with all the account types, I suggest taking a look at it at their website.

Trading Platform & Features

The trading platform used by 23traders is powered by Spotoption, one the most reliable providers in the field. The streamlined platform is easy to navigate and follow while you make multiple trades simultaneously. Whether you go for the traditional call/put positions or venture out to bolder options such as ladder or limits, the platform works in a remarkable way.

Customer Service

As a rule, 23Traders assign you to a designated account manager who's at your service and helps you with your concerns. They are quite a down to earth sort of people and extremely friendly. I once had issues that could not be solved with the account manager; it was sorted with the help of customer service on the phone. Apparently not all online trading providers provide a telephone service. I find it much more personal to interact on the phone than via live chat.


A 23traders reviews for first time traders. 23Traders, founded 3 years ago, provides online trading services in multiple countries. Providing their clients with a free mobile app, traders can trade from anywhere at any time. The customer service is helpful and friendly and includes telephone numbers, a feature that is not always available with other providers. 23Traders' trading platform is powered by Spotoption, the market leader in the field. The online trading provider supplies reliable and professional services to online traders.