Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Review for Best Binary Options Choice

Banking and Regulation Two of the most important aspects of selecting a binary options broker should always be the regulator and the... thumbnail 1 summary

Banking and Regulation

Two of the most important aspects of selecting a binary options broker should always be the regulator and the banking protocol the broker follows. The regulator in this case is the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) who have a mission to promote their financial services industry. Quoting the Commissioner, George Andrews who said, “While keen to promote the financial center facilities, the Commission has an unwavering commitment to ensure that the reputation and integrity of the Centre is maintained”. This attitude means that regulation by the VSFC can give a high degree of confidence to clients of 23Traders.

23Traders banking protocol has come about as the result of arrangements with leading international bankers, credit card companies and other payment facilitators. Your 23Traders banking is always secure as a result of the use of 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption while the credit card protocol is PCI and DSS compliant. This means that the highest standards of security are continually maintained in order to safeguard your credit card against theft or any other form of illegal financial abuse. In addition, the broker goes to great lengths to safeguard their trader’s personal and financial information. That is, 23Traders reviews its security on a regular basis and ensures that each staff member is committed to the strict rules and processes that it operates by.

Education and Training

Novices who open a 23Traders trading account can expect to receive the best education and training available in order to become successful binary options traders. At the same time, experienced traders will soon realize the enormous benefits available as 23Traders clients. The full range of trading aids includes eBooks, webinars, daily reviews, online videos and an economic calendar and details of how to use the calendar to your best advantage. The cherry on the top is the availability of one on one training to assure that you can achieve your potential as a 23Traders trading account holder.

To top it off, the broker understands that no two traders are the same and as a result, they offer six account types, each tailored with a variety of benefits and services such as trading alerts, withdrawal priority, access to a strategy advisor, sport and entertainment tickets and much more.

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