Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A Review of 23Traders Broker - Forex and Binary Options Trading

When some 23 experienced traders met in 2012, they decided to create the ultimate brokerage firm for traders. was born wit... thumbnail 1 summary

When some 23 experienced traders met in 2012, they decided to create the ultimate brokerage firm for traders. was born with the aim of providing the support and guidance that new and inexperienced traders need to succeed in the financial markets as well as delivering a powerful offering that will enable experienced traders to maximize their profitability. The numerous glowing 23Traders reviews online prove that they stuck to the mission, with the broker now a leading brand in the industry. Fully regulated, 23Traders offers a safe and transparent trading environment where traders can trade a wide range of financial global assets in a variety of lucrative methods and at their own convenience. They also have one of the best and most comprehensive educational libraries around and offer outstanding customer support throughout. You can never go wrong trading with a broker that was built by traders, for traders –

Trading Accounts

When signing up, traders have the option of choosing their preferred account package from six account types, from Basic to the Elite level. The minimum deposit on the Basic account is $250 and the maximum is $100,000 at the Elite account level. The minimum trade size is $5 while the maximum is $20,000 and traders can enjoy returns of 78-91% per transaction that ends successfully or ‘in the money’. No matter the account type, traders will receive 24/7 customer support and will have access to all the broker’s educational materials as well as the professional chart and portfolio display analysis. From Bronze level onwards, traders receive a cash match bonus of between 10-100% on their deposits, 1 on 1 coaching as well as invitations to expert led webinars. There is also an Islamic account for traders who follow and abide by Sharia law.


With 23Traders option trading, traders are able to trade on the price movement of virtually all types of financial assets that include commodities, such as silver and gold; stocks, such as Microsoft and BP; indices, such as S&P 500 and the Dow Jones, as well as currencies or forex, such USDJPY and even Bitcoin. These assets can be traded in variety of lucrative contracts which include the standard high/low options (Call/Put), Long Term options, Speed options (such as 60 seconds, 90 seconds), One Touch options, Pair options as well as Ladder options.  
There is also a 23Traders FX trading section that allows traders to trade currency pairs and CFDs with ease and convenience. Also, unlike trading with a Forex broker, 23Traders FX trading comes with defined risk and reward, with absolutely no exposure to any kind of volatility risk. 


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